The compiler-translator-editor of the Russian e-edition realizes that the preparation and e-publication of this book has been possible only thanks to the all-pervading grace of a Higher Power. It is difficult to detail the contribution of all those who, acting as instruments of that Power, have in one way or another given life to the Russian e-edition of this masterpiece of Ramana-litrerature.
Heartfelt gratitude for all who helped in the different stages of preparing this book:
Members of Sri Ramanasramam:
V. S. Ramanan, President V. S. Mani J.Jayaraman Т. V. Chandramouli К. V. Subrahmanyan M. Highburger
Experts on Bhagavan’s teachings and the literature about Him:
David Godman
Experts on Tamil, Sanskrit and other oriental languages:
Alexander M. Dubiansky (Institute of Asican and African Countries, Moscow State University)
Alexander J. Syrkin, translator and researcher of Upanishads
Ramana devotees:
Dev Gogoi (India)
Swami Ramanananda Saraswati (Tiruvannamalai,
Adi Annamalai, Sri Ramana Paadam) (India)
Roland M. Olson (USA)
Tonu R. Soidla (Russia)
Artyom A. Kaida (Russia)
Alexander N. Shuvalov (Russia)
Prem Swargen (Germany)
Great gratitude for my wife and friend, Nadejda V. Mogilever, who is not already near me... PEACE to her...
THANKS THANKS THANKS to her for all...
Oleg Mogilever

Источник: О. М. Могилевер , «МАХА-ЙОГА или предание Упанишад в свете поучений Бхагавана Шри Раманы  » 2009

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